Friday, October 31, 2008

Who the Hell is Chico Divine???

Tracy Morgan, of 30 Rock made a comical and confusing appearance on the Conan O'Brien Show this week introducing his alter ego, "Chico Divine", who is apparently a lunatic. Morgan, uh, Chico, made a number of insane claims, such as:
  • Oprah, who makes a guest appearance on 3R this season, has a crush on him, and to prove it stole things from his dressing room and left her "big drawers" on his mirror.
  • Oprah and Sade fought over him in an airport-at which point Conan turned to the audience and pleaded for help.
  • His biological parents were Lee Remmick (?) and Ernest Borgnine, but was raised by Telly Sevalas.
Conan was then understandably compelled to announce that Tracy was having a breakdown. Trying to change topics and get this train wreck of an interview back on track, Tracy was asked if he was celebrating Halloween, to which he answered, "That's the one with the eggs and stuff, right?" Conan made another futile attempt to get Morgan to achieve lucidity by asking him about his thoughts on the election. Tracy responded by advising Barack Obama to appoint Kimbo Slice (a mixed martial arts fighter) as the Secretary of Defense. (Sigh).... What?

Finally Conan had enough and tried to end the interview while Tracy continued to insert his special brand of buffoonery asking "Saturday Night Live" creator, Lorne Michaels to let him host "SNL". And guess who Tracy's ideal musical guest would be if he ruled the world?...Wait for it...The Jackson Five!

I can't lie. I did LMAO the whole time Tracy sat there and dropped one crazy bomb after another, but though displays of lunacy like this make for fun water cooler chit chat, in the end they just make Tracy Morgan look uh, sad?
Did anybody else see this nonsense the other night? What did you think?

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Anonymous said...

He is Tracys alter ego. He uses the name to describe himself when he is partying or acting crazy. Those claims were a joke.